Friday, March 25, 2011

India: Visiting Family

Our first Saturday there we headed back into town to visit family.  We met up with a cousin of Biju's at her college.  It took about an hour and a half to get there.  I had never met her before since her family lives in Dubai.  She's very sweet.  Ajay took right to her, holding her hand as we walked, but Alex played all bashful.  He was fine with accepting the chocolates she had for him, though.

Then we headed over to visit Sheena Auntie and her crew.  There were many people to visit as her brother and his family live in the next door apartment, plus their parents were in town for a long visit.  She served us Chili Chicken - she knows how much we love this dish of hers!  For dessert, she served a fruit salad - chopped fruits in a pudding.

Jenny (12yrs) supervising Ajay on the keyboard.
Jestin and Alex playing.
Me with Jenny.
Biju talking with Reji Uncle on the web-cam - who happened to be in the US while we were visiting India!
Much of the family.  Everyone was anxious to see if the boys would eat (but of course, they wouldn't).
Alex handcuffing Biben (or Bidgen?  I can't remember which - and I'm unsure of the spellings) with some sort of belt.
We put the boys into their jammies before we left for home since we knew they'd fall asleep.  Here is Ajay standing next to Jestin, who is 18 months older.

We didn't get home until after 10pm.  With all of our trips to town we've taken the boys' pajamas so they can fall asleep in the car and we can just transfer them to bed.  We woke early today (Sunday) so we could make it to 7:15am mass.  Afterward we grabbed a breakfast at a favorite local "hotel" (restaurant) - We had Masala Dosa.  Yum.  Yum.  And now we're home, letting the boys run around the house.  I don't think we've got anything planned for today, just some nice R&R.  I'll probably work on more crochet, Biju will enjoy some Indian TV and the boys will keep everyone entertained.

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