Friday, April 1, 2011

India: Alex needs a haircut!

You've probably noticed in some of the photos that Alex was starting to look a big shaggy.  We had taken Ajay for a trim right before we left (only to get his hair evened out after his little scissors experiment at school) but Alex didn't need it at the time.  Funny what two weeks can do to hair!  So we decided to have him trimmed up while in India.  The first attempt failed.  He started crying when he got to the barber with Daddy, Uncle and Echachan.. 
The next time, Daddy, Mommy and Amachee took him to a lady.  (He's used to women cutting his hair, so we thought we'd try doing it that way.)  It wasn't the easiest beginning but he eventually relaxed enough to get the cut.

Riding to get his hair cut.  (And wearing play clothes, cuz who wants to get minuscule pieces of hair stuck in your good clothes?)
Clinging to Daddy - not quite ready to let that strange lady w/ the scissors near his head.
There....that's better.
Who is that handsome man??
Total cost for a kid haircut here?  $9
Total cost for Alex's haircut there? $1

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