Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ah, coconuts!

Every time we go to India I get a picture of the boys scraping coconut.  Here is a fun post I wrote up two years ago about coconuts and coconut scraping.  (So amazing to look at those pictures and see how much the boys have changed!)
We brought a small/portable coconut scraper back with us the last time we visited but it stayed in the wrapper until Biju's parents asked for it. We got it attached to the edge of the table and they started scraping!
Getting started, with Ajay close by for inspection.

A better view of how the scraper attaches to the table - clamp style.  Coconut meat starting to fall, Ajay enjoying the process.

Mom made iddyupum (spelling?) - rice powder mixed with water, squeezed through this device, coconut flakes placed on top, then more rice "strings" added on top.

Cooked in a steamer.

Ajay helping to scrape.  (Boo, either Alex didn't scrape or I didn't get a photo.)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ugh, sick!

The Friday before Biju's parents arrived Ajay got sick.  He missed his second grade field trip at school, a sleepover birthday party and then another birthday party the next day.  He was not happy.

Then on Monday Aren caught it.  Everyone was healthy to pick up Amachee and Echachan on Tuesday evening, though! 

The health wave didn't last long, however.  I woke up feeling a little icky on Wednesday morning.  It quickly progressed and I was happy Biju was only working a half day.  He was home by 10am and I headed straight to bed.  It hit me harder than it hit Ajay and Aren and I was knocked out for two full days.  Alex joined me on the second day. 

This is what my bedside table looked like -

We had acetaminophen and ibuprofen in adult form and the children's version.  Gatorade to try to keep us hydrated, water, the thermometer and of course - the iPad for a little mobile entertainment when we weren't sleeping.
We were certainly shocked - and grateful - when Biju's parents escaped the illness!! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Getting settled

Ready for more photos??
First moments at our house.

Aren still wasn't quite sure what was happening.

Biju showing them around, pointing out features, different levels of the house, etc.

Aren introducing Echachan to our lone fish. (Pish, if you hear Aren say it.)

They had loaded their suitcases up with goodies for everyone!  Toys and balloons for the boys, metal cups/plates and spices for Biju and me.

Aren playing with his new doggy.   It yips and does somersaults!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Visitor Pick-Up

After Alex's Tee Ball practice we headed over to the airport and picked up our visitors.
Biju's parents were coming for a 6 week visit!
And I cannot believe how fast time has flown by.  I am just now getting their arrival shared with you when at this moment Biju is helping his parents get ready for their departure tomorrow!
We are sad to see them go and I know it is going to be hardest on Aren.  He has really gotten attached to Amachee (Grandma) and Echachan (Grandpa).  I fear I might start crying tomorrow afternoon when Aren wakes from his nap and starts asking for them.
Alex and Ajay have been asking that either Amachee and Echachan stay here or they be allowed to fly to India with them. 
But we have plenty of memories to keep us going until our next visit - whether that is here again or in India - and we have tried to take as many photos as possible to look back on.
Here are the photos of arrival!
The boys ran inside with Biju to help bring Amachee and Echachan to the van, along with their suitcases.

Aren and I waited behind.

Ajay came out first rolling a suitcase.

There they are!!

Hugs and excitement and then on the road home!

Amachee playing with Aren.

First steps into our home.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ball practice!

The boys have been playing ball this summer.  Alex is in TeeBall and Ajay is in Coach Pitch.  It is the first time either of them have played.  They are having fun and we're really enjoying watching them play. 
Before we headed to the airport to pick up our visitors Alex had a practice with his team. 
There are boys and girls on this team and everyone gets to hit, everyone gets to run.  It is all about teaching kids the basics and getting into the groove of how it all works.
Aren wandering around during practice.  He was probably looking for Ajay who had gone off to the golfing side of the park.  Some guy was out practicing his swing and Ajay felt the man needed some assistance, I guess.

Getting the kids all gathered together.

There is a playground right next to one of the tee ball fields and Aren does love a good slide!

He also likes sitting in the dugout watching Brother.

Getting some pointers from Coach.

It's a swing and a hit!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ajay's First Holy Communion

We've been quite busy the last few weeks!!  I can't wait to share all of our fun and pictures with you.  My excuse for not doing so sooner is because our computer room has been temporarily turned into a bedroom - we've had company!
So let me take you back to where we left off.
Ajay had his First Holy Communion a couple of days before our company arrived.  My mom told me her church had First Holy Communion for their second graders on the same day.  Their church had, if I remember correctly, 7 children.  Our church had close to 140!!  Quite a difference between their small town church and our big town church. 
All the children together for a photo - a combination of kids from the Catholic School and the Sunday School classes. Ajay is in there - on the left side.

These are the children just from Sunday School.  Ajay is in the front row.