Tuesday, March 8, 2011

India: Goin' on a plane ride (part 1)

Tuesday morning we woke up ready to check the flights and see if we were still able to fly.  We checked online several times and kept seeing "on time" next to the flight, so we proceeded with our plans.

We had left all of our baggage in the back of our friend's vehicle so it was nice not to have to worry about loading that up again.  We got to the airport and waited at our gate.  As soon as we got on the plane the boys buckled in.  I love that they wanted to be safe!  Then Alex fell asleep.  Here he is sleeping using the neck/travel pillow that I made up for him.  He is also leaning against a stranger.  I don't think he minded, as he was asleep, too.

Ajay didn't nap on this flight but he did use the pillow I made him.  (It's green, of course, and sorta blends in with his coat, but it is there.)

We landed in Dallas and waited until our flight to London.  This is where everything starts to get hazy in my memory.  We had to go from one concourse to another and to do so we boarded a train that skirted the outer perimeter of the airport.  While on it Alex looked at me and asked "Is this the flight-train?"  Very cute, I thought.  (And probably more of a "you had to be there" moment.)  I don't know how much of this trip they'll remember, but hopefully some will stay in their memory.  (Ajay seems to remember quite a bit from our trip two years ago.)

While we were in Dallas, Biju and I plugged our cell phones in to charge for the last time.  We then shut them off not intending to turn them on again until we touched down back in the states.  (Biju's didn't shut off, however, and it wasn't discovered for a couple of weeks, so when we got back to the US, his battery was pretty much dead.)  While we were charging our phones and making a couple final phone calls to say good-bye to family/friends, the boys found some fun to keep them occupied.  (Amazing how much fun they had despite not having any money to make them work!)

On the plane from Dallas to London I know we all got a little sleep but it was fragmented.  We were served a drink, dinner and breakfast throughout the flight.  The boys didn't eat well (but that wasn't a surprise).  They served breakfast a little over an hour before landing.  Note to airlines:  I don't think that's a good idea.  Fill up the tummies then subject everyone to descent and touch down.  Alex didn't handle this well at all and ended up losing the breakfast that he actually ate.  Poor kid.  We waited until everyone else exited the plane and then we got into one of our carry-on bags and pulled out a fresh set of clothes. 

Tune in tomorrow to read about the rest of our flight! 


Michelle said...

Poor little guy! Good thing you thought to pack an extra set of clothes in your carry on. We would have been out of luck if that happened to us as I've never carried extra clothes with us.

Kalinda said...

We always carry extra clothes but mainly in case our checked luggage gets lost. I was really hoping we wouldn't have a repeat episode since we only had the one extra set!