Thursday, March 17, 2011

India: Motorcycle Rides!

A trip to India wouldn't be complete without a few rides on the motorcycle!  Motorcycles are the main mode of transportation over there.  In fact, you can find full families riding on one.  Here are a couple of shots of how prevalent bikes are.

A parking lot at the mall.  These lots (one in front, one in back) were designated to bikes only. 
A view out the back of our car as we were stopped at a railroad crossing.  Wherever cars/trucks can't fit, the bikes just fill in.
Both boys were ready to go for rides on their first day there despite their bodies thinking it was the middle of the night.  They didn't quite make it the first day but they did just a couple of days later.  (Bodies still not quite adjusted to the new time!)

So so sleepy but determined to go for a ride!
 And now for your viewing pleasure - some videos!  Alex trying to stay awake long enough to get onto the bike;  getting to the bike;  taking off on the ride!!

The poor kid could barely stay awake yet he still knew what was going on.  He knew he needed his flip-flops to be able to go for the ride.  Sorry for the grainy quality :( 

Gearing up for the ride!  
Time to go!!

Skipping ahead in my posts a little to show them going on a motorcycle ride in Kerala.
Comin' back home and letting Mama rest a bit easier.

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