Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cloth Diapers - Pinning vs. The Snappi

I let Alex go coverless a little while today. The kid went through 4 diapers in 1.5 hours! 2 fitteds, and 2 prefolds. I tried pinning the prefold, as I was afraid he would somehow get the snappi undone, which would allow the diaper to fall off. I, however, am not practiced in the art of pinning. I pricked myself pretty good w/ the pin, enough to get a drop of blood, and the diaper was left too gape-y. The next change, I went ahead and used the snappi, and it was so much better. Faster, tighter, and no, it didn't end up coming off somehow. I guess Alex is still too young to fiddle with it enough to make it come un-done. I took some photos to compare.


(Yes, I realize I need to let this one have a little sun time to get that stain out.)


BTW - I'm getting ready to sell my size small diapers, so if you or anyone you know might be interested, let me know and I'll talk w/ you about them!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Zoo

I started this post last week right after we got back from the zoo and got a little sidetracked. That happens w/ two little ones!
We had a playdate w/ Angie and her crew, a friend of hers w/ her two kids, and Lisa and Ellie. We decided on the zoo for this get together, and it was the perfect choice. It was overcast, but didn't rain until we were just about done. Since it was a gray day, and school was back in session, we had the place almost to ourselves! The kids really enjoyed themselves, but why wouldn't they? Here is a shot of all 8 kids together, around the gorilla statue:

The boys wanted to see how they measured up to a penguin:

Ajay stuck to Angie's side like glue. If she started walking ahead of him, he'd shout for her to wait for him. He'd run up, and either help push the stroller, or hold onto her hand.

He let go of Angie long enough to race across the bridge with Jacob (hand in hand).

This was our next to last stop - watching the elephant get her bath and pedicure. The boys took awhile warming up, but once they got comfortable, they started firing off questions for the zookeeper. It was fun watching them take it all in.

This gorilla was sitting up against the glass, eating her grass snack. Lisa wanted Ellie to see the gorilla, and Josiah wanted the gorilla to see his batman action figure.

One more photo - it's not very good. These were all taken with my phone, and while it takes great shots out in full daylight, it takes pretty bad photos with low light. But I wanted to put up another pic of Alex. He spent half the day in the sling on me, the other half pushed around in the stroller. He refused to fall asleep, so here he is looking perty tuckered out while we watch the elephants.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Meet our little school boy!

Well Ajay has successfully completed his first "day" (night) of school. Biju took him and said he did well. Ajay was actually the first kid to cry, tho, cuz he felt shy at one point. But then he warmed up and enjoyed himself. I'm hoping we don't have to go through a "warm up" phase every class, since it's only once a week. They learned the rhyhme "Jack be nimble..." and they each got to take turns jumping over a candlestick. Biju also said they learned how to raise their hands - and Ajay actually did this!! Maybe I need to implement the "raise your hand to speak" rule around here!! (we're actually working on the "excuse me" rule, and he's doing pretty good at it) I'll let you know more about his classes as we go along. Here are some shots of him leaving for class.