Sunday, August 10, 2014

Moving along

Moving right along through June .....

If you know me very well you know that I get my hair cut short then let it grow for awhile, usually a bit past my shoulders, and then cut it short again (typically right above my shoulders).  Most times, Biju says he wants me to keep my hair longer when I'm itching to cut it off.  The past year, though, it was the opposite.  He would casually ask me when I was planning on cutting my hair.  I would say that I wasn't ready yet and I just kept letting it grow.  I would trim it, get some shape put into the layers, thin it out, but I never chopped off any real length.
Then, all of the sudden, I woke up and decided that I was tired of my long hair. As in, I wanted to go get it done now.  I let Aren take my before photo:

 And drove off to get it cut!
Not the best photo since it was freshly cut, still damp and hidden by my sunglasses.  There will be better shots of the style in upcoming blog posts.
 Biju spent quite a bit of time in June painting the house.....
 Aren couldn't help but make a funny face for the camera while he was watching Daddy paint....
 I was happy with the house color but loved it once we added the trim color.  Purple-y brown house with purple-y gray trim.  Fabulous combo, if you ask me!
 Aren and the boy across the street (5 months older) are great buddies!

Alex ready for a ball game!

Aren and this little girl spent a lot of time together - in the dirt - during games.  In this photo, they had a weed and they were trying to plant it.  They worked really hard but the dirt was just too dry and the weed was too floppy.  It wouldn't stay planted.

#34 on the run!

The kids (our boys along with some friends) creating their own dance party via Pandora. 

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