Thursday, March 24, 2011

India: A movie and McDs!

On another outing we went to a mall to see the movie Tangled - in 3-D!  For all 7 of us to attend, it cost $40.  (It didn't cost to get Alex in.)  We did have to put a 100rupee deposit per 3-D glasses (about $2ea) that we got back when we returned the glasses.  This, as you can guess, was a real treat for everyone.  None of us had ever been to a 3-D movie before and I loved that we could get the experience without having to pay the American prices!!  Ajay sat enthralled (he even reached out at one point to try to grab a lantern).  Alex went through 2 different seats plus 3 different laps but overall he was well-behaved. 

Indian movies always have an intermission.  Since American movies aren't made with intermissions the people running the film just stopped it in the middle.  We took this chance to grab the boys some popcorn and a 7-up.  (We were running too late to do so in the begninning since traffic was so crazy getting there!)  I sure do wish I could've gotten pics of the boys in their 3-D glasses!

(Taken in front of the Tangled poster at the theatre - from Bino's phone.)
After the movie was another special treat - McDonald's!  I was so relieved to see they actually had McNuggets.  The boys had nuggets and fries and it tasted the exact same as it would've back home.  Finally, the boys were eating a decent amount of food!!  I had a regular McChicken but Biju opted for the spicier version, a Chicken Majaraja.

Our waiter (yes, a waiter at McDs!) brought the boys some masks to play with while we waited for our order.

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