Thursday, November 3, 2011

Playing catch up

I've been really  bad about posting recently.  I don't think I've put much of anything up here except for recipes.

When I started this post, I thought I would just chuck all of the photos from October in here and call it a day.  However, that just won't do.  There are too many and I would lose over half of your by time you got to the 15th picture, I'm guessing.  So I'm going to try to line up some posts and toss in some (hopefully) witty commentary to go with the photos.

I'll start with a few things from September.

My good friend, Tonya, and her husband, Brian, welcomed baby Jazmine Sage. 

A close up of the baby blanket I crocheted for her.

When she was around 3 weeks (??) her mommy brought her by for a visit.
Alex started his First Things First class - for three year olds only.  They have a two hour class once a week with a parent (or other important adult in their life). 

I finished crocheting a 2nd wool cover for Aren.

Now I'll work on getting October taken care of.  Maybe I'll even get some November posts done IN NOVEMBER!!

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