Saturday, March 5, 2011

India: Flase Start

Many of my readers are going to get a sense of de-ja-vu.  I e-mailed a few people while I was gone but since not all of you were on my mailing list, I thought I might do some copying and pasting so you can get a sense of what the trip was like while we were going through it. 

For those of you who have already read the e-mails, please don't stop visiting our blog!  I'm going to break most of the e-mails up and add different thoughts in plus pictures.

This was the e-mail sent out on Feb. 1st: 

Today is the day we were to fly to India.  I'm sure you noticed my use of past tense - as you can guess our flight was canceled due to the snow and wind.  We checked the flight status as soon as we woke up and everything was still looking good.  An hour or so later we checked again and found out it was a no-go.  We were unable to get a live person on the phone so we loaded our bags into our friends Suburban (or whatever it is he drives! - but it was roomy) and headed to the airport.  We wanted to have everyone/everything with us and be prepared just in case they were able to get us a flight later today.  The boys and I stayed out in the truck (?) with the friend whilst Biju went inside to start the rescheduling process.  He got the run-around a few times but was finally able to get us a flight for tomorrow.  Now, we all know there is a high likelihood of tomorrow's flight getting canceled, too, but at least we've got something set.  The boys, in the meantime, were exploring the strange new vehicle.  At least it was something to do while we waited.  When Daddy got back into the truck and we left for home, the boys were quite disappointed.  Alex said "I thought we were flying today?" - well, yes, we were supposed to, but it isn't possible today.  Ajay had gotten so attached to the friend that he wanted to have lunch with him - yet another disappointment.  Just too yucky to be driving around when you don't need to be!  So we were dropped back off at home and the friend left.  He's going to be a dear and do this whole thing all over tomorrow and drive us back to the airport!!  We're all going to take a nice nap now because we know we won't get decent sleep on the plane.  Please pray we have good flying weather tomorrow and that we're able to make it to India safe and sound!  More to come later!! 

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