Wednesday, March 9, 2011

India: Goin' on a plane ride (part 2)

Continued from yesterday.... 

We were in London for 6 hours.  We had to go through their security first thing then we found a lounge to hang out in.  (It was sort of a holding room for everyone.)  There were some big couches but they were all full.  We found some seats that didn't have any armrests and I took a nap.  We tried to get the boys to nap, too, but they wouldn't.

Keeping busy at London-Heathrow
Tired of their busy-work, they decided to climb on Daddy.  (Can you see how tired everyone is starting to get?)

Ajay wanted to use his pretend grumpy face.
Monkeying around, playing with their neck pillows

After a couple of hours we found a cafe for some sandwiches.  We paid over eight pounds for two sandwiches that the boys didn't even eat.  (Biju checked our online statement yesterday and it looks like we paid almost $15 for those two things!!)  (It was kind of nice having our flight pattern switched - we remember Heathrow quite well from our last trip.  I have no idea what the Frankfurt airport would've been like, which is where we were supposed to go originally.)

It was finally time to get on the plane to Bangalore.

Checking out the planes

A view of the very large airplanes all lined up.
This time, both boys were out cold for take off.  (Alex was awake for the take off from Dallas to London and he called it "blast off!")  Alex didn't nap too long, but we had to wake Ajay when it was time to eat - and the kid was g.r.u.m.p.y.  The boys didn't eat, again, and were in foul moods. 

After some time (watching videos, etc.) it was time for more sleeping.  Ajay slept easily enough but Alex had a harder time with it.  He finally went to sleep but woke up after about 45 minutes and became inconsolable.  He wanted something but didn't want it - his ability to reason was gone.  I felt so bad for everyone around us.  I was finally able to get him onto my lap.  He was still screaming and kicking but he eventually stopped kicking and just cried on my shoulder.  Then that subsided and he fell asleep again.  He stayed like that (on my lap/head on my shoulder) for an hour.  He woke up a bit and started to cry but when he realized he was still on me, he slept again.  After that hour I just couldn't handle it anymore.  My hips were killing me, as was my back and backside and I had to get up and walk around.  I handed him over to Biju and he slept on Daddy for 2 hours.  I have to say, the London-Bangalore leg was the longest.  Granted, it was a 9 hour flight, but good golly those 9 hours took sooo long. 

Again, they didn't eat much for breakfast.  And when we started to land we had both of them complaining of upset "tumachs."  I gave each of them their little air-sickness bags to hold onto and I'm grateful neither of the boys used them!  We were sooo happy to have landed.  Not only did it mean we were finally in India, but it meant no more turbulance!  That was one big plane and it did not handle turbulance well.  (At take off, we were glad the boys were sleeping because that bird was all over the place.  It even felt like it dropped a few times - and it felt like we were on the downhill part of a rollar coaster.  I had to keep closing my eyes and forcing myself to relax - good practice for labor, right??  There was quite a bit of praying done, I must say.)

Tomorrow, read about our first day in India!

And for a walk down memory road, here is a photo on the airplane during our trip two years ago:


Sarah said...

those neck pillows are adorable! I am guessing you made them =)

Kalinda said...

Yup! I accidentally ran across the pattern about a week before we left. I hadn't even thought about neck pillows, so it was nice to be able to whip these up.