Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The last day of school

Last week I sent Ajay and Alex off to their last day of school at their old elementary school. 

The previous weekend we had moved their bunk beds so they got to spend a few nights sleeping in our bed with us.

I had the intentions of baking some Oatmeal Coconut Cranberry Cookies for the boys to hand out as treats for their classes but time just got away from me and the move took over.  I ended up finding a deal on chocolate chip cookies from a store's bakery and the boys handed those out instead.  Still a tasty good-bye treat.

I used paint cards for labels and let the boys sign their names.
Here is Alex handing the treat to his best buddy from pre-k.  (He sure is gonna miss this kid!)

Once pre-k let out Alex, Aren and I then met Ajay at the cafeteria for his last school lunch there.

Something interesting - there is a "stop light" monitor that show's the kids how loud they're getting.  They need to stay on the green light, or yellow, because if they hit the red light they owe 5 min. of recess.

The light has an automatic sensor.
Then it was off to recess.

Alex, St. Paul and Ajay.  St. Paul and Ajay are both in second grade!  He's almost a head taller. 

The kids always love it when Aren is on the playground.
Alex practicing his dribbling skills, Ajay playing ball with his friends.
 Alex held himself together pretty well while we were at school.  I didn't even know he was sad until we got in the van to come home.  He announced "Mom, I'm going to miss my school."  I looked in the mirror at him and he had a sad face which made me sad.  I told him I was sorry and that it was okay to be sad.  We drove a bit more and I heard a strange noise.  I looked in the mirror again and realized he was holding back sobs.  I told him it was okay to cry and he opened floodgates.  The poor kid just cried and cried.  He finally stopped about 10 minutes after we got home. 
Once he got that out of his system he was much better.  He still mentions missing school and he talks of his buddy often but he doesn't seem sad anymore.  Ajay still mentions his friends and his old school but he likes his new school and teacher and has already made some good friends.  (More on that in future posts!)

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Michelle said...

Poor little guy! Glad he is better now!