Monday, March 14, 2011

30 weeks

I'll be interrupting this weeks postings about our India trip so I can try to stay caught up with what is currently going on.  I'll get back to India on Thursday with a post about motorcycles!

Today I am officially 30 weeks pregnant.  Don't ask me how that translates into months, it's always been quite confusing.  This topic can actually cause cat fights on the baby board I visit!  I've got 10 weeks to go until my due date. 

Now that I'm in my third trimester I have "graduated" to visits with my OB every two weeks instead of every 4 weeks.  Eventually I'll start in with weekly visits until our little guy decides to come out and meet us.  Speaking of coming out - we've been having quite a few discussions about how the baby will be born.  Surprisingly, it isn't Ajay doing the asking!  Luckily, each time there has been something else come up or happen to distract Alex.  I guess I need to figure out exactly how I want to phrase the birthing process to a 3 and 5 year old. 

My sono from a little over a week ago went well.  Looks like everything is as it should be.  The baby seems to be measuring just a tiny bit small (the machine dated him to be due on the 27th instead of the 23rd) - but are we really surprised, considering both the boys were born under 6.5lbs?  

Here is my 30 week photo from today:

Funny - I feel a lot bigger than this picture looks! 


Rawsonfamilyof5 said...

You look great!! Birth board drama lol, I never really connected with Mackenzie's birth board they just weren't the same as my may ladies. Also it is a scary place because every time i go it seems someone has lost a baby or one is in the hospital and needs donations. I try to avoid it!I am so excited for you, 10 weeks will fly by!

Sarah said...

I feel a lot bigger than I look too and I don't understand the month thing either. I always just use weeks. I am 27 weeks does that mean i am 7 months? but 13 weeks is 3 months so 10 months of pregnancy?? too confusing. =) you look great by the way