Friday, March 18, 2011

India: Pizza Hut and an airshow

Now back to some of the day to day goings on while we were in India.  (Which means more copying and pasting from e-mails.) 
We've been doing a lot of everything.  We've gone to town quite a few times this week and we've tried to balance it out with staying at home, too.  Afterall, it takes over an hour just to get to town.  There is a famous air-show going on this whole week so traffic is insane as opposed to just plain crazy.

Last Sunday we all went to meet a girl.  It was not an easy-flowing meeting so we can pretty much rule her out as a candidate as a bride for my brother-in-law.  Afterwards, we all went to Pizza Hut at The Forum Mall - a popular mall on MG Road.  The mall was quite hectic and we kept a close eye on the boys (they always had to be holding the hand of an adult).  The boys were super tired and Ajay was particularly moody.  They were still trying to get their bodies turned around.  They didn't fill their bellies but they did eat a piece of pepperoni pizza and some garlic bread. 

Giving Daddy High-5s before we head to town.
Driving to town.  Ajay sitting on Daddy's lap in the front seat.

Alex sitting with Echachan in the back seat.  One of the many laps he tried out over the drive.
From the angle of this shot, I'm assuming it was Ajay who took this photo at Pizza Hut.
Biju took this shot of Bino and me.
The boys.  Tired, but ready for some pizza.
Ringing a bell on the way out of the restaurant.
Hitchin' a ride with Uncle.
Now that's what a kid likes!  A little scoop of ice cream after some pizza!
They both rode on Biju's lap on the way home - must've been comfy, they just couldn't stay awake. 
Mom took Ajay to school on one of the airshow rehearsal days.  The students were getting a special sneak-peak of the show and Mom only had a half day of work.  Ajay rode to work with her on the scooter and Alex, Biju, Binu, Dad and I went later in the car.  We weren't allowed on the school property, so we parked a little ways past and actually got quite a view!  You know how it is, though, nothing ever shows up as good in pictures.  But we tried!

Our view.  See that blue building?  That's closer to where they were taking off/landing.
Watching everything while under the shade.
A pretty cool formation.
This guy flew right over top of us (as did a lot more, but this was the best pic I got.)
It certainly was hot - so Alex tried to cool off in the car.
(The date on the camera was still set to Kansas time, so even though it was Monday morning in India, the camera still reads as though it were Sunday night.)

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The Rouse House said...

I do not remember (from previous pictures) Bino looking so much like Biju! In a couple shots I could barely tell them apart!