Thursday, July 19, 2012

Aren: 14 months!

Aren is officially 14 months now.  He is probably pushing 18 pounds, too - can you believe it??  This little guy who could barely put on a few ounces after his 4 month check up?  He was right at 15lbs around his 1st birthday, and he was 17lb 2oz. when we took Ajay in for his well check at the end of June.  (so over 2lbs gained in, what, maybe 5 weeks?)  It might be time to start putting away those 3-6 month clothes and use only the 6-9 month clothing!

He cut his 5th tooth on Sunday.  

He has started signing quite a bit.  "More" and "Eat" are his all time favorites.  He's also pretty proficient with "water."   He hardly ever uses "All Done" because he could just keep eating and eating.  We try to use it when we read books, too, so he knows he can use it for things other than being all done eating.  He combines a lot of his signs - I taught him "Book" and he uses it to ask people to hold him.  I taught him "Sleep" and he uses it to mean "Phone" - which is quite cute when he tells you the phone is ringing.  He also tries to answer his hand and says "aloo" (hello). 

Ajay carried him outside this morning and put him in his exer-saucer.  While I was in doing some baking in the kitchen, the boys played with water.  It seemed as though he really enjoyed the water play when it was sprinkly-fun but when Alex got too close and sprayed him directly, he got quite angry!

The boys LOVE to dance around in our living room.  Alex and Ajay typically end up on their heads at some point so Aren logically thinks this is how you're supposed to dance.  So Aren starts to wiggle, then ends up in an upside-down-V shape, imitating the boys.

His latest accomplishment is standing on his own from a sitting position.  He just mastered this today!  He goes from that upside-down-V position, to standing.  He is so proud of himself!  We can't help but think that walking (unassisted) is just around the corner.

He can stand longer but was getting tired.  Can you see how excited he is?? 

I have more to share from the last couple of weeks but figured I should post today's post today! 

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Annie said...

Wow! Go Arennnn!!!:)