Thursday, March 10, 2011

India: The first few days

(Reminder - most of this post was taken from e-mails I sent while still in India, with a few current thoughts added in, so please ignore my use of past and present tense.)

We made it through security at the Bangalore airport, the checking of passports, and getting our checked-luggage.  It was finally time to see the family!  I wasn't sure what the boys would do.  It's one thing to talk with the family over the phone and get excited about seeing everyone, and quite another to actually have them there in person.  Ajay went running to them right away, and to my surprise, Alex did, too!  I got a little emotional.  After our initial greeting we drove home.  Even trying to recall what we did once we got here is fuzzy.  The boys got enough toys to make up for two years of missed birthdays and Christmases!  We had some tea (yum!), our baths (I have some adorable pics of the boys' baths, but since this is a very public forum, I really can't share), and breakfast.....

He was so excited to have idli for breakfast.  This was the only time he was excited about it, as he didn't eat it for this meal or any other!
Again - he was pretty excited to try this "donut" - he didn't realize it was spicy and was meant to be eaten with the samber!

....then took some naps.  I ended up taking two 2-hour naps that day.  (It looks like Biju wound up with two naps that day, too - if you look at the pics, you can tell the sheets/beds are different in the first two pics!)

We're on our 5th day of our trip, 3rd day of being here.  We're still trying to get our bodies turned around.  There have been some total meltdowns from the boys.  They still don't care to eat properly (even the "American" food we brought over) and sleep is a mess.  They refuse to nap then fall asleep from exhaustion at horrible times of the day.   I'm crossing fingers this only lasts one or two more days.

Cooking up food the boys didn't really eat: Pancakes and Oatmeal.  And they didn't really eat the macaroni and cheese that we took to make, either.  Who are these children??  (That is a two-burner, gas-top stove.  You turn the gas on, use a utensil that emits a spark to light it, and cook.
As for Biju and myself, we are really enjoying the food.  Mom and Dad are knocking themselves out taking care of us.  They are making all of our favorite dishes.  They are really having fun with the boys.  Bino has taken them for their first motorcycle ride and Biju has taken them for their second.  (No worries, it was just around the block and it was on a Vespa-type scooter.  They can't wait to go again.  Note:  There will be a post all about the scooter - pics/video included) 

We're looking forward to what the next few weeks have in store for us, especially as we have a train trip to Kerala planned. 

Hanging out with Echachan (Grandpa)
(Along the lines of food, we did find that they really enjoyed ice cream treats!!)

Munching on the same type of ice cream (along with a chocolate) on Christmas 2 years ago.

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