Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random post

Oh let's see, I'm sure there is something I can come up with to post about today.
Oh, Alex slept HORRIBLE last night, but thats nothing new. Ajay is now into Shrek. We borrowed Shrek 1 from my sis, and we watched it daily for a week or so, and now we've traded it for Shrek 2. Eventually we'll make our way to Shrek 3. Ajay is starting to use Shrek as an excuse now... "But Shrek does it!" -- uhhh, Shrek is an ogre, and a CARTOON! Ahh, 3 year olds.
What else. Oh, today is our 4th wedding anniversary. It almost slipped right past both of us, time is flying so fast these days. Of course we can't go out to dinner to celebrate, because of my limited diet. We'll just have to come up with some cool date idea to do over the weekend. Who wants to babysit?? :)
Here are some random pics to go with the random post....
Ajay helping me dye some socks to make into baby leg warmers.
Here are the baby leg warmers and a matching onesie I made for Ellie.
Alex modeling his own set of leg warmers and matching onesie.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ajay's Birthday

This was Ajay on his actual birthday, Thursday the 5th of June. Biju, Alex and I threw him his own little party. He told me exactly what he wanted his cake to be like. He said he wanted a white cake - no, a YELLOW cake, with yellow - no WHITE frosting. In a square - no, CIRCLE! With sparkles! I added the yellow icing since he seemed to keep asking for yellow then changing his mind. Bachu Uncle brought Ajay some cars for his birthday. He immediately took them out of their packaging and lined them up. He even decided to share them with Alex: Aunt Lisa and Uncle Russell took Ajay at his word when he said (for the month before his birthday) he wanted balloons for his birthday. They got him 22 balloons and he LOVED them! (They're still rolling around our house, half inflated)

We all spent some time outdoors - it was a bit warm, but the mosquitoes weren't out yet, so it was a pretty nice night. Later in the evening, some of the guys played bocce ball (Ajay even got in on some of the action). Red took over for Bachu after he left and ended up winning the whole shebang.
Ajay would like to thank everyone who came, and is thankful for his gifts. He's actually still playing with everything ;)

Friday, June 13, 2008

It's been too long!

Woopsies! I keep meaning to update this (it has been over a month!). As it turns out, I still don't have time to write everything like I want, so in the meantime, I'll just add a quick pic or two, and then write more about Ajay's birthday party, etc. later.