Tuesday, March 22, 2011

India: Fun World!

We had plans to go to the circus that was in town one day but when we arrived we discovered that it had left town the day before.  The boys were disappointed but quickly got over it - Fun World was located right next door.  We had plans to go to Fun World the following day so we just bumped those plans up.  It cost almost $5 a person, no matter the age, to get in.  Even if you couldn't ride the rides - like me, since I was in a family way.

We stayed there close to two hours.  Mom and Dad didn't go in, they stayed outside the gates and ate corn on the cob and looked around.  Biju and Bino rode a few of the adult rides and Ajay and Alex rode every kid ride they could find.  Their favorite was the Monkey Jump.  It was a vertical ride and I thought it would shoot up then shoot right back down.  Instead, it rose fairly slowly and then bounced all the way back down.  The boys rode this quite a few times - afterall, it was very similar to bouncing on a bed.  (Ignore the warning that children under 7 shouldn't ride - we sure did!)

Here are a few more shots from our visit.  And while I'm here, I'll add in a few shots of our Fun World visit two years ago.... 

Biju is in the front car, waving, and Bino is in the second car.

Sitting on the park's train with Uncle.

Finally, a "ride" I could go on!

Daddy and Alex.

Bino Uncle and Ajay.

Riding on the merry-go-round.  (The second time they rode Alex was trying to get off and he fell.  Woops!)
The smaller version of a merry-go-round 2 years ago. 
Almost like a roller-coaster for kiddies. 
Ajay, 2 years ago, riding the same ride.

Hanging out watching Daddy and Uncle on a ride.

A calm water ride.

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