Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The antics of Alex

Alex can be such a card!  He really cracks us up sometimes.  Sometimes it's innocent cute play, but sometimes it's the "I'm ornery and I love trouble" stuff - you know, the kind you shouldn't laugh at as a parent but you can't help yourself? 

I set Alex up at the table last week to do some painting.  This wasn't finger paints, it was the kind of painting you do with a brush.  (See the brush I supplied him with on his paper?)  Somehow, it turned into a finger painting session, anyway. 

You know he knows he's being ornery! 
What was I supposed to do but enjoy the messy moment.  Then plunk him into the bathtub.

On Friday and Saturday I was really feeling in the mood to get ready for baby.  So I wrote  up my list of things to do.  Funny how I thought that since this was our third boy we wouldn't need to do much.  That little list I started writing suddenly grew quite large!  A lot of it was heavy moving so there was only so much I could do on my own on Friday.  I emptied the books from this (very heavy) bookshelf so I could move it myself.  After I shoved it into the closet to create more space in the boys' room and started loading it up again Alex wanted to try something out.

Yup.  He fits.

Saturday night, after a full day of moving heavy objects, Biju spent some time reading the boys their bedtime story.  Alex couldn't just lay next to Daddy and Brother.  He had to lay on top of Daddy! 

We sure do love our clown!!  (Who learned how to be so silly from Big Brother and is probably going to teach Little Brother the ropes!)

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