Friday, April 11, 2014

Electronics and Playthings

Eli, one of our neighbors, was over playing one day.  He brought his Kindle along with, so Alex played with the Kindle and Eli played with our iPad.  (Alex is scratching the top of his nose, not the inside, ha!)

Ajay had the iPad, Alex had Daddy's old phone that we kept around for entertainment, Aren was left without an electronic device so he played with Play-Doh.

All three boys gathered around Daddy's old phone wrapped up in a game of some sort.

We gathered 'round the table one evening, Aren had his puzzle, Biju was dealing with some paperwork that followed him home from the office, and Ajay and Alex and I played an abbreviated game of Yahtzee!

Aren playing peek-a-boo!

Aren wearing a pair of overalls that my older brother (and probably younger brother, too) used to wear!

They look so peaceful when they're sleeping, don't they?

Ajay started painting on his Cub Scouts Derby Car and Alex had a spare piece of wood that he painted on.  Aren wanted to get in on the painting action so we gave him some watercolors and paper.

Aren practicing his cutting skills - love that tongue sticking out in concentration!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The rest of February

Awhile back I uploaded a few pictures of February happenings and since it is now the end of March almost the middle of April I guess its time to share them with you.  Just some random stuff.  You know, in case you were wondering just what exactly our family did last month oh so long ago.  I'm sure you're so curious to know!
This is what our counter top looks like when we've stocked up on fruits.  We go through them pretty quickly but in the meantime we lose counter space.  Anyone have good ideas how we could store them?   We want to be able to see them (out of sight out of mind, right?) and we don't want to stack them in a bowl and have the top fruits bruise the bottom fruits.  Oh, the dilemma.

Alex and Aren playing "night night"  On a related note, there are times when Aren gets hurt or mad and is crying and along comes "Bubby"  to help calm him down.  He usually does this by going through our bedtime routine (no matter the time of day).  After Aren is put to bed and Alex comes out, Aren is all calm and ready to move on. 

Aren was thrilled to find Gracie napping in his bed.

Alex showing off a Play-Doh art piece.  This photo was taken too long ago for me to remember what it was.  Oops.

Time for a music session!

Biju took Alex somewhere one night and after we got Aren put to bed Ajay and I had some quality one-on-one time.

Here is some artwork Ajay worked on.  We gave him some pastels and a pastel drawing book for his birthday last year so every once in awhile he gets it out.  He's still trying to get a feel for the properties of the paper and pastels.  They're a bit different than your average paper and crayons!