Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just call me Bald-jeet

If you're a Phineas and Ferb fanatic (like we are around here) then you'll recognize that line from the episode where Baljeet went to Smile Away Reform School.  Baljeet, a boy from India now living in America and friends with Phineas and Ferb, was too excited to wait for them to shave his head at school so he did it on his own the night before. 

Indian boy.  Shaved head.  Okay. 

Remember a few weeks back I cut the boys' hair?  The result was decent, I think, but their hair has already reached the point of needing another trim.  However, since I was the last one to give them a cut I was afraid that I would cut away any sort of "line" and it would just look like a bad home haircut. 

Biju and I have discussed getting clippers for the summer so we could give the boys a mohawk and have easy hair care.  We decided not to wait til the summer.

We let Ajay go first. 

He begged us to take all of it off.  I refused.  I told him I wasn't sure how he would look with NO hair.  So we went with the highest level of "buzz" first off, a number 8.

We decided that was still too long so we went for a number 4.

He's frowning here because he's still begging me to make him completely bald.  I looked at Biju and he had this "why not?" look on his face.  I raised my eyebrows and he said "It's just hair.  It'll grow back."  So I took the guard off completely and went for it. 

I took one swipe from the back of his head and saw his scalp poking through and I got a nervous grin, shook my head and did a face palm.  I looked anxiously at Biju and he grinned back at me.  I took a second swipe and had the same reaction.  Nervous grin, shaking head, face palm.

I got all giggly.  I couldn't believe I was getting ready to shave my little boy's head.

I got the majority, went down to a number two to trim up the top, then let Biju come in to straighten up my lines.

Since I basically ended up giving Ajay 3 haircuts, using all the different guards, the clippers started running pretty hot.  We gave them some time to cool off then we started in on Alex.

Since he told us very emphatically that he wanted to have his hair just like Ajays we didn't even bother with the guards.  And since I had already gotten over the shock of a bald scalp on Ajay, it wasn't as shocking when I buzzed Alex.  Biju, again, came in at the end to clean  up my lines and we ended up with two little "punks," as Biju calls them.

I think Alex looks even more like my side of the family.  Namely my older brother, Matt, when he was a child.

Oh, but wait.  There's more. 

No, we didn't shave Aren's head.  We figured we'd let him grow it out a bit more so I actually have something to put into his baby book once we decide to give him his first haircut.

That's right.  Biju was up next. 

He debated whether or not he should do it during the whole process of shaving the boys.  He even had some last minute thoughts as he sat on the chair in the tub.  I trimmed around his neck then asked if he was sure.  He hemmed and hawed then said go for it, so I took a big diagonal swipe from the back of his head before he could change his mind again. 

Figuring that his employers wouldn't be too thrilled about him coming to work sporting a mohawk we took a couple of photos then shaved the rest off.

We like it.  All of it.  Ajay said once that he wanted his hair back but tonight before bed I asked if he liked it and he said he did.  Alex, during bedtime routine, said he wanted to shave the rest of his head before going to sleep.  I told him we'd talk about it tomorrow, so we'll see how he feels on the matter tomorrow. 

It was interesting seeing all of their hair tumble to the tub.  There was so much of it.  The boys had soft, dark brown hair.  Alex's was so soft and fine.  Ajay's was a bit thicker.  Biju's was black and full.  A bit artistic in way, ya know? 

And now I have my own little Baldjeets. 


The Rouse House said...

I was reading through this post moving my way down and I see the picture of Biju. I thought, "No!" Then I saw it and just laughed! I love the picture of the three of them!

thatladi said...

Cool you have the courage of lions at your house.