Thursday, September 12, 2013


I think we're finally ready to move on to June!  I'm so "sari" it has taken me three and a half months to post about June!!  (Get it? Sari?  Sorry? - ha ha ha!)

My parents came for a visit at the beginning of the month.  They came for two reasons - 1) one more visit with Biju's parents before they flew back home and 2) for Ajay's birthday.

Mom happened to bring the sari she wore for our Indian wedding almost 9 years ago so I pulled out my saris from storage.  My mom, Biju's mom and I all wore saris to church and then we had a photo session afterwards.  (Keep in mind we are not professional photographers and I have no idea how to even start editing these, so the lighting isn't the greatest!)

And, unfortunately, we completely forgot to get a pictures of just Biju and me.  Boo.



The Rouse House said...

That is so neat!

Bino Joseph said...

That was 9 years ago?! Time goes by really fast indeed.. Curious to know who took the fourth picture with the six of you? :)