Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wrapping it up

So there are a few random photos that don't really make sense to have their own post so the rest of Biju's parents' visit will go here!

I was working on a project one afternoon while Aren was napping.  After he awoke I brought him in to watch me - he ended up with a snack and an impromptu hat.

This was the project I was working on.  A baby gift for our new nephew Noah in India.  A crocheted "basket weave" blanket with a fleece "frame"

Ice cream treat!!

Mommy riding in the back with the boys.

A Father's Day photo

We all took photos with this guy but I'll just show you the cutest one :)

I made some arm covers for Mom.  She rides a scooter to work and she wanted something to keep the sun off her arms.  I made them a bit to large by her elbows but I hope they are working out well for her otherwise!

Sad times - the time to say good-bye. We took them to the airport and realized our visit went by entirely too quickly.

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