Friday, September 27, 2013

Mom's Birthday

While the boys and I were visiting the family we had the chance to celebrate my Mom's XXth birthday. 

We all went to mass together and then went to a restaurant afterwards.  Nothing too big and fancy but a little something to say "We love you and support you in your oldness."  (HAHA!)

The boys learned a string trick that weekend and couldn't stop practicing on people.  There was also a box turtle found.  The kids pestered it until it was time to go to church.  When they let it go that turtle all but ran away!

We took up the whole basement, with only a few tables leftover. 

Go to a Mexican Restaurant and watch all the kids order corndogs and hamburgers.  Go figure.  This man was talented - he walked down the (narrow) basement stairs like this!

Done eating, time to act goofy.

Uncle Matt enjoys acting like a kid with the kids.

Mom with her cake.

Nana and most of her grand kids.

A good squeeze!!

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