Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Farm Fourth

My brother likes to host our Fourth of July celebrations at his place.  Everyone brings a little food for the picnic and some fireworks to go in the pile. 

He has now hosted the 3rd (or 4th?) annual Clay Pigeon Shoot, as well.  It is a big hit with all involved. 

Letting the younger crowd shoot off their guns first, with plenty of adult supervision.

That is the contraption that flings the clay pigeons into the air for target practice.

Target practice for the younger set means aiming at empty soda pop cans.

Just about time for the adults to get started with their competition.
Aren felt the need to stick his head on the ground.

Tessa mid-pose.
Mom dressed up a watermelon for our picnic.


Watcha got in the box there?  Can I have some?

One of my favorite photos!

Ajay on the hunt for more fireworks to set off.

All set up to watch the big show.  Audrey, Kyleigh, Aren.

They moved around a bit during the evening.  Whatever worked for the best views.

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