Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What? More May?

Soooo..... I was going through the June pics and saw that I had some snaps from May that were in the wrong folder.  Here are some more photos to make your life complete :) 

Biju's parents watched the boys while Biju and I ran an errand (picking out plants/flowers for the yard!).  Aren didn't approve of being put down for a nap by Amachee and Echachan so instead of sleeping in his crib they held him til he conked out and then was laid on the bed (their sheets were in the wash).

Our friends Autumn and Cael brought over a birthday present for Aren - a keyboard that interacts with the iPad.

We took Biju's parents out to dinner one night and then watched some ducks on the water.

These poor birds think the boys are offering food!

Posing by the fountain.

A picture of a duck just for good measure.

Aren and Amachee watching Echachan and a boy in his pajamas staining the deck.

Painting the underside - makes my muscles sore just looking at this photo!


Anna said...

What brand is that keyboard? I think Lily would love that!

Kalinda said...

The brand is iTikes. The app you use it with is free. Even the older boys enjoy playing it.