Monday, September 23, 2013

Where toys hang out

Ever wonder where toys like to hang out?
Here is a mouse and the head off of some toy.  Ajay found it somewhere.  Are your children collectors of random junk like mine??  Please say yes. 
THESE toys (and many others over the months) choose our ceiling as a great hang out spot.
They find the popcorn ceiling irresistible and don't like to be separated.  They'll stay there for days if not messed with!

 In other news - I found a cute idea for keeping track of chores on Pinterest.   I just used what I had on hand and came up with these (not nearly as cute) chore charts:
Still gets the job done!
We also work with noodles - I call it "Using Your Noodle!" - a reward system for doing good/not doing so good.  A few months back Alex broke his noodle jar.  He got a new one (washed up jelly jar) but hadn't had the chance to paint it.  He was finally able to paint it during one of crafty mornings while Ajay worked on a q-tip painting activity.  (Also found via Pinterest!)
Can you see some of the noodles on the left side of the picture?  I colored these years ago when we started the Noodle System - I used food coloring and alcohol.  So simple! 

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