Saturday, September 21, 2013

Birthday Fun!

While Biju's parents were visiting we were able to celebrate FOUR birthdays!  Biju's was just a few days before they landed otherwise we would've celebrated five. 
Biju's Mom and Aren were both in May and Biju's Dad and Ajay were in June.
We got Dad a Black Forrest Cake for his special day!

I made him a cap to take back to India.
Ajay's last night as a 7 year old!  (We let the boys sleep with us for their birthday)

A few gifts.  Sunglasses and batting gloves to help with his game.

The Saturday after his birthday we had a little party with some friends over.

Friends from his old school, a friend from his new school and a neighbor.  After gifts we took everyone to the movies.

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