Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A visit to the farm

As mentioned before we spent the weekend following the 4th of July with my family.  We wanted to spend a few extra days, besides just the weekend, visiting so Biju stayed back home since he had to work. 

As soon as the boys got out of the van, before they even went into Nana and Papa's house, they ran to the peach tree for a snack and then a visit with the chickens.
I don't think the peaches were fully ripened but they didn't mind munching on them. 
They also were able to rope my dad into pitching a few balls for batting practice.

Aren wanted to get in on the action, too.

Aren hitched a ride with Jenna.

Checking out the newly stacked hay bales with Papa and Uncle Matt....and enjoying the nearby rock pile!

I found a fun patriotic star pattern that was pretty quick and easy.  Cute, too! (Her website is one of my favorites for crocheting and crafting.  She does the occasional crock pot recipe, as well!)

A little silliness for the camera.

Logan, Alex and Kyleigh using sticks from the ground to attack the old walnut tree.  And maybe each other, too.

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