Friday, September 13, 2013

Animal Fun

Well you can't travel half-way across the globe and not make a trip to our local zoo, can you?? 

Amachee and Echachan at the entrance to the zoo - they borrowed some visors from the boys to help block the sun.

I wasn't quick enough to get a good photo but we actually saw a "dancing" peacock - he was beautiful with all his feathers spread out and standing tall!

It is always so hard to get a good photo of all three boys!

Walking through a tunnel in the "jungle" looking at the fish.

Taking a break for rest and water - it was so hot that day! 

Taking in the majestic bald eagle.

Aren loved looking at the gorilla playing around....

....until it sat straight up and stared into Aren's face - he quickly jumped into Echachans safe arms!

The 5 year old was getting tired and needed a ride on Daddy's shoulders.
We only spent a few short hours there because of the heat.  We're hoping the next time Biju's parents come for a visit we can go back and stay longer.

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