Friday, August 7, 2009

Summertime fun

Since it has been awhile since I've posted about the boys and their antics, I figured you were hungry for an update.

I poured some grape juice into some freezer-pop molds, and the boys enjoyed slurping on their healthy snack while outside.

While visiting my family for the weekend, Ajay recruited Brandon, Jenna and Aunt Brandi for a water balloon fight. Alex was napping, so Ajay was sure to save a couple "baby" water balloons for his baby brother to play with when he woke. Nana Cindy and Alex watched from the window for awhile before Alex went out to join in the fun.

Yesterday the boys were playing in Ajay's room when I heard Alex start crying. This is nothing new, really. However, this time, when I looked I saw a nasty cut across the bridge of Alex's nose. Ajay, apparently, had somehow cut Alex with a fireman's helmet. I dabbed a blend of olive oil and tea tree oil and attempted to put a band-aid on him. The band-aid didn't quite work, but he thought it was pretty funny!

This is what it looks like today (Alex has been a grump lately, so pardon his cranky expression).

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