Friday, August 7, 2009

The garden is making a comeback!

I'm thrilled - I was out checking on the garden the other day, and I had gotten so used to just seeing leaves on the plants, that when I saw an eggplant growing, I stood there shocked! I looked at it from all different directions before I decided that yes, indeed, that was a real eggplant growing. I looked at a the other eggplant plants and saw a couple of blossoms growing thick. If luck holds out, we'll have at least 4 eggplants!! I'm crossing fingers for more, too. Today I was out admiring our eggplant, and watering everything else, when I noticed *gasp* I have THREE little green peppers growing!! Only one plant is producing, but hopefully the others will follow suit. I'd love to have a red and yellow pepper from the garden. The tomato plants look quite bushy, and have a lot of little yellow blooms, but no little 'maters as of today. Go, tomatoes, go! My zucchini plant is about done for. I got one nice zuke out of it after the storm, but the bugs did it in. Now all 4 plants are gone. So sad. My aunt told me today, tho, that I could still plant another zuke plant if I wanted and there would be time for it to produce. Cukes, too, and a few other veggies. Now that I have more space in my garden, I'm thinking about it.
For your viewing pleasure, I went out and got a few snaps of our growing produce.
Green Beans; Green Peppers

Tomato Plants (with wilting Basil planted between them); Tomato Blossoms
Growing eggplants!!!
Only one of these came from our garden - the dark green zuke. The others came from the garden of a co-worker of Biju's. The wild garlic came from my sister-in-law's Dad's yard. (Theres a LOT more not pictured)
Some "naked ladies" that grew next to the garden

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