Saturday, August 15, 2009

Corn on the cob

That hailstorm way back when pretty much did our corn in. The stalks were still standing, and the cobs were still attatched, but after letting them "grow" a little bit longer, I noticed they were not getting any bigger. I eventually plucked them off, shucked the husks and stuck'em in the fridge. I had never dealt with corn on the cob, so didn't know that the kernals would get tougher the longer they sat. I finally got around to boiling them. Whoowhee were they tough! Alex didn't really mind, tho. He's a big fan of corn on the cob!! Ajay had a few bites then said "no thank you" to the rest. (I don't blame him, I did the same!)

Of course after looking at this picture, I wonder if maybe he enjoyed the (tough) corn so much because he's teething.....

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