Sunday, August 16, 2009

A play date for Ajay!

Ajay became good friends with a boy named Alex while attending his one night a week school. It got rather confusing around our house. We would have to clarify "our Alex or your buddy Alex?" when Ajay started talking about "Alex." It has been a busy summer but we were finally able to get the boys together for a play date. (Alex and his family were planning on coming over for Ajay's 4th birthday, but Alex's little brother decided to be born on that day, go figure!)
Alex and his mom, Crystal, and little 2.5mo. old Rylan came over on Thursday morning. The two bigger boys looked very happy to be meeting up again, and Alex was able to give Ajay his birthday gift. Crystal told me it was hard on Alex knowing there were such cool toys sitting in the gift bag that weren't his! Our Alex kept giving Rylan kisses, took his nap, then woke up and gave Rylan more kisses. The big boys destroyed Ajay's room within minutes (that's what is supposed to happen at play dates, right?), then after a bit headed outside. I popped up some popcorn for everyone to snack on, and the boys thought the birds needed feeding, so even the animals got a little snack.
The boys look like they could be brothers, if you ask me! In fact, all 4 boys look like they could be related. It was nice to catch up with them again, and we're aiming to have a play date at their house next week. It's just a shame the boys won't be going to the same preschool together - I'm sure they would be quite a team!!
Here is how we found them after the mom's had a brief catch-up. Ajay was "sleeping" on the floor and Alex was trying to open up the window.

Don't they just look ornery??

Alex giving Rylan kisses before they had to leave.

And one last buddy-squeeze before departure.

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