Thursday, October 3, 2013

Road Trip!

 Last year we took the boys to an amusement park.  It was far enough to feel like you were going away for a bit of fun but a short enough drive to not go insane.  (Less than 3 hours.)

We enjoyed last year so much we decided to do it again!

We gave the boys a bag full of goodies to keep them occupied.  Paper and pencils, books, yarn and hook to crochet, etc.

Last year it took us most of the day to realize there was a kiddie area.  This year it was the first place we hit!  (But we found plenty of big kid rides, too, later in the day!)

If look up in the window you can see Ajay and the top of Aren's head.

Aren got to go canoeing this year!  He loved helping move the boat along with his oar.

Since Aren and Ajay rode together that meant Alex got to go on his own!

Big play area.  You can gather balls and shoot them out of air cannons.  Aren is crossing a log on the second story.

All three together on a fairly gentle ride.

Alex really enjoyed his day.

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