Friday, October 25, 2013

The State Fair!

Alex has been asking about the State Fair since the day after we went last year.  I'm not exaggerating when I say he asked about it once or twice every month for the last 12 months! 

We were in countdown mode a little over a week out.  Alex would come to breakfast and announce how many days were left until we got to go to the fair.

Finally it was time to go!  We loaded up some snacks and packed a lunch and started driving.  The whole day was certainly not disappointing!

One of our first stops was to visit the animals.  We only made it to see the bunnies and many different birds, we never did get around to seeing the pigs, sheep and other big animals.

The rides were calling out to the boys so we quickly traded our pre-purchased ticket receipt for actual ride tickets.

Daddy's shoulders always offer the best views.

Ajay and Alex tried this min-roller coaster first.  We quickly realized they had outgrown this particular ride.

Despite his "less than thrilled" expression Aren loved this ride and kept asking for more.

Biju and the boys braved this ride together.  The whole thing spun in a big circle and you could spin your little pod as well. 

After our lunch break the boys went to see some of the cool equipment that was set out.  This was a pump.  The boys were able to pump the handle and see the water come pouring out into the big barrel.

On this one, the farmer (or a kid) put a dried cob of corn in one end, the boys cranked the wheel and saw the corn kernels fall into a bucket beneath the contraption, then the empty cob popped out the other side.  You can see an empty cob in Ajay's hand.  (I tried to upload a short video clip of Alex taking a turn but Blogger wasn't playing nicely.)

This ride is always a favorite.  Shoot up into the air then come down a bit and then shoot back up again and again.

This ride was incredibly tall.  After Biju rode it he almost had me convinced to try it out but I just couldn't bring myself to get on.  I'm a bit of a chicken.

Right before we left we took some time to watch this guy.  He's a chainsaw artist.  We had a great front seat.  As soon as he started, though, the wind blew the sawdust straight into our faces and we quickly moved to the back. 

On our way to the car we stopped to grab the boys a funnel cake.  It was the only food we purchased  that day (unless you count the honey sticks - which are not vegan, by the way).  We drove home and let the boys eat it at the table.  We did this last year, too.  We've decided that next year we're going to buy the treat before we're headed to the car because it just doesn't taste right after it's gone on an hour long ride.  Next year the boys will get to indulge in a FRESH funnel cake!!
And yes, we will be going back next year!

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Cindy & Jim said...

I had some pumpkin bread go there once, but I've never been. Might be we'll need to go with you next time!