Saturday, October 5, 2013

Final summer sleepover!

The boys enjoyed a couple of sleepovers during the summer and they begged to have a final round before school started. 
Alex went over to one house while two other boys came to ours.  The boys live in our neighborhood so it made it easy to get parental permission and pack overnight bags.  Sometimes the boys don't' even pack bags.  They take showers at their own house, put their jammies on and then come over.  In the mornings they just walk back home to brush their teeth and get dressed.
The next morning at breakfast time!  Alex and Eli woke up and ran back over to our house before they ate breakfast so all the boys got to eat together.
 Before the boys left our house they took advantage of the cool morning temperatures and went out to play.
The family down the street bought a pogo stick from a garage sale - and it seems our children are on it more than theirs!

They were very helpful when Aren said he wanted to try.

They waited patiently and took turns while each other jumped.  They were aiming for new records!
Ajay wanted to look up world records for the pogo stick.  There are some amazing records!  Pogo sticks underwater?  Crazy!  I've been trying to find a record for kids but haven't found anything official.  Ajay said he's done over 1,000 at one time.  That is a lot of jumping!!

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