Monday, August 6, 2012

Amusement Park

We hadn't specifically told the boys where we were going for the day.  They knew we'd borrowed my sisters stroller for this event (instead of pushing Aren around in our umbrella stroller), we'd packed a whole case of bottled water, and we needed tickets to get in.  Just that morning we'd also told them the name of the place we were going but the name didn't mean anything since they'd never heard of it. 

We arrived, walked in, grabbed a map and tried to figure out what to do.  The kids found a log ride and decided they wanted to go down that first, so after grabbing a bite to eat, that's what they did.  Aren and I hung out in the shade.  I kept pouring water on him and I poured a little onto his tray for him to splash around in. 

Splashy splashy!

We also borrowed a wagon from my sister to help lug around the things we'd need for the day (a cooler with water, the boys' umbrellas for shade, the diaper bag, etc.).

Biju rode this one by himself - it went completely upside down.  The boys wanted to ride this but were too short.  After Biju got done, Ajay had decided he didn't want to ride it anymore, but Alex was still begging to go!

Biju rode this ride with Ajay, since he was tall enough for this - it was the kind where you sit and let your feet dangle.  It was a long-ish line.  Can you see them waiting over there through the bars?After watching them go, I thought maybe I could have even ridden it.  (In case you're wondering, I'm not a big fan of fast, upside down or whirly-spinny rides.)

While we waited for Daddy and Brother to ride that ride, I kept pouring water on the other two.  Alex decided to form Alex's hair into a little "mo-hawk."
Spiky hair.

After awhile we found the area with rides geared more towards children.  And the boys busted out their umbrella's to help stay cool.  It was around 110deg. F.  (about 43deg. C.)

Aren fell asleep - whew!  It was only about a half hour nap, but at least it was a nap.

Canoeing, canoeing, la-la-la-la-la!!

Not a great picture of me by any means, but here I am - arm sleeves rolled up, water poured all over me, ball cap, red face.  (Have I mentioned it was hot?)
The boys went on a swing ride.  We were afraid maybe it would go up too high for Ajay's liking, but it wasn't too bad.  Ajay likes the rides, but Alex seems to be our little dare-devil.

The boys didn't want to stop riding rides, but we were able to lead them into an air-conditioned building for a bathroom break and discovered we were about right on time for a magic show.  That was great fun for the boys to see and it gave me a cool, dark place to nurse Aren.


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