Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello, Good-bye

If you regular readers remember, I took some time back in August to post about the boys first day of school.  A couple of weeks before school began I took the boys to get a trim.  Our neighbors had told us of a barber they used and that he was reasonably priced.  Not really reasonable, in my opinion, but downright cheap.  We will be going back to him for sure.  He did a great job on their hair, was a great price and sprayed their hair with color!  He didn't spray Aren's, though, and I'm not sure why not.  Maybe I'll ask for it next time.
Hello handsome young fellas! 
Alex chose green, Ajay chose deep purple.
Biju has been growing his hair out lately.  But when he gets tired of the longer locks he'll be headed over to the same guy.  Some of you may be surprised to know that Biju had shoulder length hair when I met him.  Wish I had a photo to share with you but the only photos I have are in a photo album out in the garage.
I am pleased with the above snap of the boys but let me share a couple of the outtakes...

Biju recently traded in his old car for a newer one.  It took awhile to figure out what he really wanted but I think he's happy with his purchase.  We wanted to get a couple farewell shots with the old car.  Here's one....
Good-bye old car!

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