Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

Waaa-hoo!  I love fall!  The colors of the beeeyoootiful trees, the crispness in the air, partly cloudy days mixed with bright and sunny ones, soups, the decorations on houses that scream "Fall is HERE!" -- all that and more!

One signal of Fall's arrival is a trip to a pumpkin patch!  This year we went with our local Parents as Teachers group.  Unfortunately, Ajay didn't get to go with us since he was in school but since Alex only has half day Kindergarten he was able to go.

Waiting for our turn

A fun - huge - spider decoration
Finally on the trailers going out to the pumpkins.  The sun was too bright for Aren :)
There were 5 trailers attached to the tractor so the whole group could go out at once.

Time to find just the right ones!  They each got a medium sized pumpkin and a little one.  I chose a couple to bring home for Ajay.

After we were done picking out the pumpkins we had to wait for the tractor to come back.  The boys found some caterpillars to keep them company.

Aren ended up with one on his shirt!

Riding back, showing off our prizes!

There were some great inflatables for the kids to play on.  Here, Alex is giving Aren a hand up and over.

Alex helping Aren, again.  Going up the "ladder" to a big slide.

Yay!  They made it to the top without falling!

Aren liked it so much he ran back around to climb up again.  This time he felt more comfortable going on his own.

This one was a LOT bigger.  Alex went up/down a few times but Aren never did make it to the top of this one.

There were some fun tricycles to ride around the track. Aren needed a bit of help since his feet couldn't reach the pedals.

This row of trikes was adult sized!  And yes, I DID go for a ride around!  It was quite fun :)

Right before we left Alex wanted to crawl through the pipes.  They were made of concrete so he had to be careful not to bonk his head.
Alex even got to go to a second patch a week or two after this visit.  His kindergarten class took a field trip to one.  The way he described it, it was just as much fun - or even more!

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