Sunday, October 27, 2013


Here is one of the meals we had during Vegan Month.  It was one of my favorites!  Mac 'n' Cheese (veganinzed, of course), home made bread, maple roasted brussel sprouts, quinoa hickory burgers.  I have made the burgers several times since and am going to make them again very soon.  My Vegan/Vegetarian Board on Pinterest has the recipes.

One afternoon the boys called to us saying there was a huge bug - or something - outside.  Normally, we aren't too interested in the many bugs they see but we went out because they were really making a big deal of it.  As I watched it I thought how much it looked like a Hummingbird.  I started to wonder if it really was a Hummingbird, even though it didn't "startle" off when we got near.  In fact, it circled us a few times between flowers.  And it let me get really close for a few photos.  It was beautiful!  It turned out to be a moth.  Hummingbird Moth/Sphynx Moth/Hawk Moth, etc.  If you have tomato plants you've probably seen hornworms - That's what these are in their caterpillar stage.  Here, read about them yourself!

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