Sunday, October 6, 2013

Health boost!

We all can do with a little health boost, am I right?  Lately we've been trying to take a step or two towards better health.
We bought this VitaMix (super-blender, amazing speed) and it has led to even more smoothies than we usual. 

Getting ready to blend up some coconut chutney!
Breakfast smoothie in the makes.
Our poor Magic Bullet has worked hard for us the last 5+ years and it was starting to show.  The motor is still fine but many of the cups were missing their little tabs that are key to making the blender work.  We still can use it but just not as much.

Our tomato plants that Biju's dad planted in the spring have been very prosperous.  We're loving the fresh tomatoes and have even had the ability to share some with neighbors.

The tomato plants as they were starting to grow their fruit.

Aren with the tomatoes.

Aren amongst other greenery.
At the end of August we started getting prepared for a month long challenge.  We had decided to make September "Vegan Month."  We wanted to see how what would happen if we stopped eating meat, dairy and eggs.  We stocked up on a few necessities to make our month go smoothly.
Lentils, chia seeds, flax seeds, quinoa, sesame seeds, nutritional yeast, almonds for almond milk, tomatoes from our garden, etc.
I'll be sure to write up a post or two about how our challenge month went.

Here was a smoothie taste test - one of the first times we had ever used kale.  Did we like it??

Yes, we did! 

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