Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's so LITTLE!

Guess what came out?

Ajay lost his first tooth!  Well, I can't say he lost it.  It was super loose so I convinced him to let me pull it out.  I was worried it would get swallowed with food if we waited too much longer!  There is another bottom tooth that is loose, also, but it isn't ready to come out, yet. 
You can bet he was super excited about the tooth fairy coming, too.  He was full of questions.  I wish I could have written all of his questions down.  He asked how the tiny tooth fairy would lift his head to get to his tooth, so we put it into an envelope and put it more an the edge of the pillowcase so she could get to it.  When I told him she was magic, he asked "What if I get hit with it?" - poor guy was worried about getting hit with fairy's magic.  He also asked why the fairy had to wait until both he and Alex were asleep, so I told him that she couldn't go around getting teeth when kids were awake, she might get captured!  To which he replied "I just want a little of her pixie dust!"
When I went in to check on the boys before bed that night, he sat halfway up in his bed and, in a glazed-over, half asleep look in his eye, started looking around the room.  I'm not sure what he was doing but my guess was that he was looking for the Tooth Fairy.  When he finally realized I was standing there I told him I was just checking on him before I went to bed and he laid right back down. 
Can you believe how TINY these "baby teeth" are?? 
And here is the envelope we put the tooth in.  I didn't want the tooth to get lost under his pillow and he wanted to leave a note so the Tooth Fairy knew who the tooth was from.  A win-win for both of us.
Can you read it?  It says:  "Ajay.  For the too - th faree"  Complete with a picture of a fairy.

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lisa said...

what....he's not old enough to loss his teeth yet!!! HOORAY Ajay!!