Thursday, April 7, 2011

India: Cricket & Badminton

There was a lot of cricket and badminton going on while in Kerala.  Biju and Bino played together and they also played with the boys (our boys and the cousins). Here are some shots I took over a three day period. (The games took place at two houses that are right next to each other.)

Taking a break from game playing to pet a neighborhood kitty.

Stacking up some bricks to use as wickets.

The bat is almost as big/heavy as he is!

Alex got a heat rash so we tried to keep him mostly in the shade - and he really dug those grapes! 

Can you see all those tiny red dots all over?

The boys loved cricket so much in India they had Daddy make some wickets for our backyard.  (Sorry, no pics so far of them playing cricket in our backyard.)

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