Friday, April 8, 2011

India: Water Wells & Chickens

I know I dropped a picture-bomb on you yesterday so I should warn you - today's post is a bit picture heavy, too.  I hope you don't mind!!  It is just so hard for me to filter out pics when each one seems to say so much. 

As mentioned in a previous post, you never really know who Alex is going to take to.  He took to George Uncle right away but he pretty much shied away from everyone else.  Mainly the women.  The funny thing is that Ajay did this exact thing when he was younger.  He wouldn't go to many women.  It drove Nana and the aunts crazy that he wouldn't have anything to do with them but he would go directly to Papa and the uncles!

Since Alex wouldn't go to anyone other than a select few, Biju's grandmother was over the moon when he let her pick him up just so he could look down inside the water well!  The boys got a kick out of looking down the well and helping to bring the bucket up.  (Just so you know, they don't use the bucket for most things.  The well is connected to a pump so the house has direct access.)

I didn't get a shot of Great-Grandma holding Alex by the well but he let her continue to carry him for a little while longer.  She took him over to look at the motorcycle since she knew that was a point of interest for him.

I love this shot - not only did I get Alex bonding with Amachee but you can see Biju showing Ajay the well in the background.


Take it out, look at it, pour it back in.  You can see the net they use to cover the opening.  This allows access to the well in addition to rainwater to go in yet keeps the leaves and bugs out.
After experimenting with the well they got to experiment with some of the chickens around the place!

There are quite a few chickens around the house but only two of them sleep on the "back porch." They are the most gentle hens, and they are the ones Annyamma (spelling??) Auntie and George Uncle offered to the boys to pet.

As you might guess the boys were a bit timid.

George Uncle even hid this hens head so Ajay would feel more comfortable petting her - knowing she couldn't peck at him.

You look so comfortable with them, Biju, do you want to get some of your own??

Getting bolder and bolder....

Aha!  You're holding it!!


The Rouse House said...

You raise the chickens and I'll buy your eggs :)

Kalinda said...

Wouldn't it be nice to have fresh laid eggs whenever you wanted??