Thursday, April 28, 2011


This post is a few days later than what I would've liked, but better late than never.  I'm just going to wrap all of our Easter activities into one post - which means this will be a bit photo heavy.

Friday, since Ajay didn't have school, we colored some eggs.  Getting all set up, all decked out in stained clothes so as not to ruin the good stuff!
Pretty egg-dye colors.
Putting the finishing touches on the eggs.

Adding a little glue.

Monster Eggs!!  (Orange Hair Brothers with mustaches are from Ajay,  Yellow-Hair from Alex.)
On to the Easter Party sponsored by Biju's company employee club (on Saturday).   First up - Balloon swords!

The boys played many games and jumped in some bounce-houses. 

Alex did his "candy hunt" w/ the 3 and under set. 

Whoa, wait, did I just pass something good??  (The candy wasn't in eggs, just tossed out into the grass to collect.)

The boys grabbed a ton of candy - so I guess Biju and I will have to help eat it!!
On Easter Sunday the boys woke to this.  And how nice of the Easter Bunny to bring a basket for Mommy and Daddy - this way we don't have to raid the boys' buckets!  (Those gloves are great starter-gloves - they have velcro on them and the balls are soft.  They are really enjoying playing catch.)

Ajay, thrilled that Daddy put gel in his hair, ready for church.

Alex wanted his hair gelled, too! 

Aww, best buds.

The family photo taken after church.


Rawsonfamilyof5 said...

Those boys of yours are so handsome! They are so grown up! You look like you are absolutely glowing!

Erin said...

I am in LOVE with the photos of the boys and their gel hair!! OMG so cute!! I wanna pinch their little cheeks! Love the family photo's little Arlo doing!?