Thursday, April 21, 2011

India: Sugar Cane

This is actually a post that should have been put up 2 years ago but never was.  So I figured since I posted about Jack Fruit on Tuesday, I'd post about Sugar Cane today!

Biju noticed the cart coming down the street with the sugar cane.  This was obviously not something seen everyday so he wanted to be sure we all got to try some!

Biju grabbed Ajay and went downstairs with Mom to pick out which cane we wanted.  You see the long canes?  Those are the "full" pieces.  All those shorter pieces are the stems and other discarded scraps.

Ajay enjoyed munching on some popcorn while Echachan peeled the cane.

Here is the cane stripped down.

Chopping it into tiny pieces to chew on.

You chew on the pieces to get the juice out then spit the rest.  Even Alex, at almost 11 mo. in this pic, enjoyed a little taste.  I was afraid of getting splinters in my mouth but never did.  It was a very odd feeling.  If you ever get the chance to try sugar cane, do!!

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Ravi and Evie said...

ahhhh I ate this once when I was pg with Jeshu... makes me sick to think of it!!! glad you enjoy it