Tuesday, April 5, 2011

There goes the second one

Ajay lost his second tooth last night.  Two in one week.  I don't think there are anymore that are loose in there right now. 

Trying to wiggle-wiggle-wiggle it so it just naturally fell out.
He tried to pull it on his own, but he kept chickening out, so I got to pull.
He really didn't want me to get in there and pull but I was afraid he'd end up swallowing the tooth with food.  I considered telling him what my sister told her elder daughter.  "If you swallow your tooth you'll end up with less money from the Tooth Fairy because she'll have to pay part of your money to the Poop Fairy to find the tooth." 

While I'm here, I've got a few pics I want to share before I get back to our India posts.

I got brave and let Alex play with glue!

Alex hasn't had much practice with the computer mouse so I thought I'd let him get the feel of it.  I can't remember how old Ajay was when he started using the mouse.  I'm pretty sure it was around this age. 
 I've started messing around with the digital SLR that Bino so graciously let us bring home.  I'm loving taking photos with this, I just need to do a little more reading and figure out everything this bad-boy can do!!  Here are two shots I took on Sunday when we had some 80-deg. weather.


lisa said...

beautiful pics....but one question what is a SLR??? Did i miss this in another blog post???

shelly said...

OMG! I can't believe you told everyone about the poop fairy. He prefers to be anonymous and now, because of me, everyone is going to know about him. He's probably going to play some horrible poopy prank on me now!

Natalie said...

Tell Shelly I'd like to hear more about the poop fairy and more specifically what his dooties are...get it...doooooooties!?!?!?

lisa said...