Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The boys and I hit the road last Friday, along with cousin Paige, and headed to Nana and Papa's place. We actually went to Aunt Brandi and Uncle Matt's place first since Nana and Papa were at work. The kids have really been enjoying themselves despite the downpours we keep getting caught in. The rains did put quite a damper on the 4th of July festivities (in the kids' eyes), but that just meant that we were able to drag out the fireworks for a few days. I have tons of pictures (as you can imagine) and I will gladly share those with you at my first opportunity.
Daddios has been home overseeing some remodeling work in our bathroom. Word has it he has eaten out every day since we left, and he got in a few Indian movies over the weekend. We talk several times a day and the boys are always happy to share their latest news.
We hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday and that you're able to account for all your fingers and toes (and every other body part)!

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