Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mom's birthday

Mom had a birthday while we were visiting. I won't tell what number, she might not appreciate that announcement :)

We made a cake for her before we left for Jenna's softball game. Also, before we left, Paige and Ajay tried to put together a little "play" for Nana - they said we would see some cool moves, so Mom and I assumed they would do some dancing. Turns out the moves were karate moves and they did a lot of kicking and punching.

Here is the "audience" waiting while the "actors" put together their little skit.

The two trying to decide who would go on "stage" first - "You go." "No, YOU go!" "No, YOU!"
(You can see the pink and yellow drawings the kids made for Nana on the lower half of the fridge.)

The yummy cake (it was a french vanilla cake with a delicious frosting - we used Almond flavoring instead of Vanilla - YUM!)

We weren't able to cut into the cake until we got back from the game, so it was around 11:30pm as we were celebrating. The kids didn't mind being up so late, so long as they got CAKE!

Alex didn't feel the need to use a utensil.

All three kids wanted to take some pictures. Here is one Ajay took of me and my parents (complete with Dad making a silly face!).

We drove home the next day, which was my niece Jenna's birthday. Jenna and her family had left early in the day for more softball games, so we didn't get to say good-bye to them, or tell her Happy Birthday. So Happy Belated, Jenna!! (She's 12 now, for those of you who are curious. I don't think she minds me announcing her number!!)

On our way out, we stopped by my aunts house (just a couple miles up the road) and said good-bye to my grandmother, who had been visiting from Texas. The kids got to snuggle some kittens, too.

What a fun vacation we had!!

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